Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Unlikely Sexual Predator

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of updates. GenieBelle has had a lot on her plate lately. Anyway……

Over the past several years there have been many reports of female teachers or female authority figures accused of sexually assaulting children in their care. This is very disturbing, to say the least. I know at lot of us think that this is a frightening trend. However the sad fact is, a woman sexually assaulting children is nothing new. It has been going on under our noses. It is definitely nothing new.

In the past we have associated child molestation with men. We never stopped to think that there are women who do this or even capable of it. We see women as the protective mother figure, not as someone who would hurt a child like that. Well, folks, they can and do! It’s sick, it’s disgusting, and it’s happening right under our noses.

The most frightening part of it is that these female authority figures claim that they are in love with their victims. Anybody with an ounce of sanity knows that this is not normal. I know older woman, younger man relationships are very common, but we are talking about a children here, not consenting adults. An adult authority figure being in love with a child under their care and supervision defies logic. Do you know what I think? These women aren’t in love with their subjects. They are sick, like any other pedophile. The whole “love” thing is either a con or a delusion or both.

Parents, I urge you to check out any teacher or authority figures that you place your child with. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because that authority figure is a woman you’re child is safe under their care. I’m not saying all women and all men are pedophiles preying on children. What I am saying is that we need to protect our children, and that includes checking out the other adults in their live.

Now for a GenieBelle rant: I could really care less what makes someone molest a child, and wasting my tax dollars trying to figure it out is useless. We have wasted far too much money on figuring out why and trying to rehabilitate pedophiles. Obviously the “therapy” they receive isn’t working or only works is rare cases. We have also wasted too much time and money stetting up sex offender registries. They are a joke! First of all most offenders don’t register. Second registering doesn’t keep them from molesting again. All they are good for is a warning, but these sick individuals are clever and sneaky. Turning around for one split second is all that it takes for one of these people to snatch up a child. For now registries are one of the few defenses we have. Pedophiles both male and female belong behind bars forever. That way we know they will no longer hurt a child.

So, what do wish for here? Do you agree with GenieBelle? How can we better protect our children? Tell GenieBelle what you think? And as always, I'm open to suggestions for furture posts. So, keep the suggestions coming!

Later Y’all,


Friday, May 12, 2006

Another Close Call & Something Crazy

Well folks, GenieBelle has had yet another close call with Mother Nature's monster called the tornado. I had just gotten home and turned on the TV. About 5 minutes later the weatherman breaks from his regular weather report and says the words “tornado warning”. At the same time, this terrible wind started bending trees back. I looked out my window and saw what looked like an itty bitty dust devil in the open field next to my house. I ran into the hall and stayed there for several minutes. I came out and was relieved that I still had electricity and only had a few tree limbs in my yard.

Some people in my community weren't so lucky. The storm blew down large trees, damaged cars, and blew pieces of roof off of houses. Thankfully nobody was injured. However, that was only 1 round of 4 storms in less than 24 hours. Thank goodness the others weren't as bad. You know, if I have to dodge anymore bullets like this, I'm going to need a new bullet-proof vest! I think I'll check the Yellow Pages for storm shelters!

Then yesterday, wouldn't you know it, there were tornado documentaries on TV. Among them was the craziest thing I have ever heard or seen. Apparently somebody now offers “tornado chasing tours”. What the @*#%! You mean people actually consider tornado chasing as a vacation option! Well....all I have to say is that all it will take to put this company out of business is for somebody to get seriously hurt or killed! It's one thing to be stupid enough (for non scientists that is) to chase these monsters, but to put the lives of non-experienced people in their paths is just...well...CRAZY!!!!!

As I end every post....tell GenieBelle what you think. What do we wish for tornado victims and their families. I want to know what you have to say!

Later Y'all

Friday, May 05, 2006

Serial Commercials

Has anyone noticed a trend in commercial? There seem to be more and more “serial” commercials. Some are good, but most need a lot of work and better ideas! Here's what I think of some of them.

Is there anybody who hasn't seen the Geico commercials with the talking gecko? At first the ugly little lizard just followed the traveling spokesman around. I was almost excited when he almost became cat food! From there the commercials just got worse. Now the lizard talks and gives sales tips to other lizards and he appears on talk show. I don't know about you, but watching this ugly little creature isn't going to make me switch insurance companies. Oh, and my least favorite Geico commerical is the "caveman". It pokes fun at discrimination and racism which are serious issues, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Shame on you Geico for making a parody out of a very serious issue! Learn some common sense and manners and get back to the drawing board!

I also don't like the Kellogg's cereal commercials featuring Johnson and Smith. First Smith tries to fire Johnson, then he tries to fire him again, then Johnson is employee of the month, then Johnson gets an assistant, then Smith goes to the HR lady only to come across as flirting with her, and so on. This whole series is so stupid. Somebody yank that spoon out of Johnson's mouth and make him get to work! I don't think any cereal is so crunchy and loud that I would not hear the words “you're fired”. Back to the drawing board, please!

And the commercial I hate the most.....the Netscape commercials that spoof a reality show “confessional”. First of all, I just plain hate reality TV. Second, I really hate reality TV parodies and spoofs. Are we really so low on new ideas that we have to spoof the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of television.

One of my favorite serial commercials is the Shedd's Spreads. Even though you can't see their faces, those are 2 of the best commercial actors I have seen. I also loved the good old Taster's Choice commercials. sweet love is! Oh, wait a minute that was an instant coffee commerical wasn't it?

So, folks, tell me what some of your favorite and most hated commercials are? What advice can we give these ad agencies that would make us buy their product? I want to know what you think! And remember GenieBelle is open to topic suggestions!

Later Y'all!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Hate Abbreviations

I get several e-mail messages a day with abbreviations I don’t understand. Sometimes I get so exasperated that I just delete the message. I have better things to do than try to decipher stupid abbreviations. With the exception of known abbreviations for positions (Mr., Ms., Dr., Rev.) and geographical locations (states and countries), I detest abbreviations.

I understand most mobile devices have a tiny screen, and abbreviations are important in that instance. What I don’t understand is why people abbreviate nearly every word in their e-mail messages. Does it really take that much longer to spell a whole word? I don’t think so. If you take the time to completely type your words it ensures that the recipient understands your message. If you’re abbreviating because you don’t know how to spell, then turn on the spelling checker in your e-mail program. It will check your spelling before it sends the message.

Even though e-mail is a free means of communication, good writing skills still apply. Would you write a letter that says “how r u” or “ttyl”? So, why put it in an e-mail? Why not just spell it out? It’s not going to take a lot time or cost you anything extra. This way you ensure your message is understood. And save the abbreviations for your mobile text messaging.

So, what do you think about overly abbreviated e-mail? Tell GenieBelle what you think!

Later Y’all,


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Protecting Girls From Online Predators

We need to make our young girls understand the dangers of online dating. If you are a teenage girl or the parent of one, please read this. It might just save your life or the life of your daughter.

I saw a commercial yesterday. It showed police searching a house and confiscating a computer. Then a young girl’s voice says “before you start a relationship with a guy think about how it could end”. There was an Ad Council logo, so I went to their website and found not only that commercial but others. I also found links to the Cyber Tipline and a game called ID The Creep. I highly recommend them and encourage parents to make their children visit those websites.

Ad Council Online Sexual Explotation (videos available in English & Spanish):


CyberTip Line

ID The Creep Game

Girls, if you are reading this… please, please be careful. That “nice guy” on the other end may be a predator. He may be feeding you stuff you want to hear. The picture he sent you may not be him. It could be a random picture he got off the internet or something. I know you feel that the guys you know are lame, immature, and don't understand , and when you find somebody who understands, it makes you feel special. These evil predators know that. They know just what to say and how to say it. Before you know it, you’re meeting this guy only to find out not who he says he is. He holds you prisoner, does unspeakable things to you, and then kills you. Then the police find your body in the woods, in a ditch, or not at all.

Parents…please, please talk to your daughters about the dangers and keep an eye on their online and offline activities. Know why your daughter is seeking an online connection. Be brutally honest with them. Make them go to the websites I listed. Make them watch the news stories about other missing girls. I don’t want you to have to come home and find your daughter missing or dead. No parent should have to go through the heartache and nightmare of losing a child this way.

So, what do we wish for these internet predators? How about victims and their families? What can we do to prevent the predators from getting near our young girls? Tell GenieBelle what you think!

Later folks,

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Too Much Information

I think there is too much information on the internet. By that, I mean there is too much personal information floating around. From online dating sites to personal pages and blogs, we are simply giving out too much information. We list our address and phone numbers, e-mail address, messenger/chat screen names, physical characteristics, our likes and dislikes, our pets name, our feelings, and our deep dark secrets. This is stuff our family and closest friends don't know about us.

So, what's causing this personal information overload? Could it be that we don't have much of a social life in the real world that we turn to cyberspace? Could it be that we are too difficult to deal with in the real-world that we fish around in the cyber-pond for like minded people? Could it be that we desperately need all the attention we can get and see the internet as another way of seeking more attention? Could some of these people be children who just don't understand what they are doing? The answer is yes to all. And that's very scary! Not the posters, but the people who respond to them.

PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE! If you are posting all kinds of information about yourself, whether it be on an online dating service, a personal webpage, or a blog, YOU ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE! THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO PREY ON PEOPLE LIKE YOU! You could become a victim of crimes ranging from identity theft to murder. PLEASE, PLEASE, DON'T MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM! Let's face it, you don't know if the person responding to you is your new best friend/soulmate, a thief, or a serial killer/rapist. So WAKE UP! BE CAREFUL! GenieBelle does care about you and doesn't want you to become another cyber-victim.

Sorry, for the shouting folks, but I had to get message out there. So, what do we wish for people who post too much information? What do we wish for cyber-criminals? How can we help victims? How can we prevent cyber-crimes from happening? GenieBelle wants to know what you think!

Before I leave, I want to thank those who suggested this topic. I may elaborate on it in the future. If you want credit for your suggestions, I am more than happy to list your screen name and a link to your blog. I really do appreciate all of the comments I have received so far. Thank you so much!

Later Y'all!

Friday, April 14, 2006

GenieBelle Needs Your Help

I want to take this opportunity to think everyone for their positive feedback on Genie’s Bottle. I appreciate your comments and suggestions, and have actually put some of them to use. Now, I want to take “Genie’s Bottle” one step further and make it truly interactive. I want you to tell what you think my next topic should be. I am open to most anything with a few exceptions. I will NOT write about anything that is racist or sexist, anything that condones or depicts violence against people or animals, or anything that is sexually explicit or graphic.

This is not a one-time thing. Depending on how many suggestions I receive, everybody may have a chance to have their topic discussed. I would also be more than happy to give you credit for your suggestion by listing your screen name and posting a link to your blog or website. So, come on folks, tell GenieBelle what you think the next post should be. I really do what to hear from you!

Later folks,


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Plan Now for Hurricane Season

We are only weeks away from the start of the hurricane season. I am fortunate that I do not live on the Atlantic or Gulf Coast. There are many thousands, if not millions, of others who are not so fortunate. In my previous posts, I have made reference to the devastation and destruction that tornadoes cause. That is nothing compared to what a hurricane can do. Last year we learned some hard lessons from Hurricane Katrina. Our worst fears for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast were realized. The purpose of this post is not to relive Katrina or discuss who is to blame. There isn’t enough room in cyberspace for that. This post is about saving lives.

Every city and state and individuals in a hurricane prone area need to have a plan of action. Those preparations need to be made NOW, not the day the storm is supposed to hit. This should not fall squarely on the shoulders of local, state, and federal governments. We should not ask our government agencies to do things that we aren’t willing to do ourselves. We need to help each other.

My first suggestion is for communities to form some kind of car pool evacuation. We can help stock the shelves of designated shelters with food, clothing, infant supplies, and hygiene items. Community associations need to create lists of their residents and where their residents can be contacted after the storm. Our business can help donate the necessary supplies NOW rather than after. Our bus lines, trains and the like can help get those without transportation to safety. Again, plans need to be made NOW! This can be done. It is not impossible. We just need to be willing to do the work. We can show the world that we have learned our lesson and we can pull together and help each other survive one of Mother Nature’s destructive forces.

I only have one wish this hurricane season….no loss of life. Tell me what you think. What can you do to help a person in need this hurricane season?

Later Folks,

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Road Rage

Let’s say you’re at a traffic light, and it has just now changed to green. The person in front of you seems to be just sitting there not moving. What do you do?
a) Nothing
b) Roll down your window and shout “Move you stupid @$*^#”.
c) Yank the person out of his car & proceed to beat him.

If you answer anything other than a then you are guilty of road rage. I have to ask why would you do anything other than a? Yes there are crazy drivers out there, but screaming, shouting, and displaying violent behavior towards somebody who has what you think to be poor driving skills is…well….I don’t think that word has been invented! I do know that it’s definitely not a good thing.

To all of those road-ragers out there who haven’t been caught and arrested, consider yourself lucky. I suggest you learn to control your emotions and actions. If you don’t, one day you will get caught. One day you will be on the receiving end of road-rage, and the next day your family will be planning your funeral. Nothing is worth losing your life over. It’s especially not worth losing it over somebody else’s driving skills.

Ok everybody, tell Genie what you would wish for road-ragers and the victims of road rage? I want to hear what you have to say!

Later Folks,


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Heed the Warning

For the second time in less than a week we are reminded that Mother Nature has a destructive side. On April 2 tornadoes plowed through many states killing nearly 30 people in Tennessee. And again on April 7 tornadoes struck killing and injuring many people’. The weather service and the media began warning the public of a possible tornado outbreak as early as Wednesday, April 5. That gave people enough time to prepare, and with modern technology the weather service was able to issue warnings in advance.

I watched in terror as 2 funnel clouds go over my house. At the same time I heard the tornado siren. My first thought was getting to safe place. Taking pictures with my digital camera didn’t even enter my mind. Fortunately the destructive monsters stayed in the clouds, I call them destructive monsters because that’s what they are. I don’t consider them beautiful wonders of nature. How is anything that can kill and destroy property beautiful?

The local TV stations in my area interrupted regular programming with continuous weather coverage from about 5pm until about midnight. Needless to say, that made a lot of people mad. These same people also complain that the weather service is too over-zealous in issuing tornado warnings. I strongly disagree. Modern technology cannot predict when and where a tornado will strike. Warnings are issued based on what the weatherman sees on radar and reports from spotters. Plus a tornado can form a split second and disappear in a split second. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but it’s the best we have right now. And this cry wolf syndrome is crazy and deadly, because if you don’t heed the warnings because of past false warnings, who is actually to blame for loss of life and injury. It’s not the weather service or media…it’s you! So, the next time your TV show or ball game is interrupted, stop whining and pay attention! It may just save your life!

Ok folks, what do you have to say on this? What do we wish for the victims of this past week’s storms? Should we be mad when our TV shows are interrupted for severe weather coverage? I want to know what you have to say.

Later Folks,